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What Is Inbound?

It’s important to understand that inbound marketing is not just another marketing method – it’s an entirely new way of thinking.

Inbound marketing is the business of helping people find what they need online, because let’s face it: no one likes being sold to. Buyers have learned how to tune out phony advertisements and impersonal ads, so it’s time to take a different, more meaningful approach to connect with them.

Inbound marketing is a buyer persona-centric strategy that works to attract, convert, close, and delight the best-fit buyers for your business. Working at every stage of the funnel, inbound marketing campaigns are built to be relevant, not interruptive. This means they deliver clear ROI, qualified leads, and build valuable customer relationships for your company.

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Why Inbound?

Are you looking to drive new growth for your business? Welcome to the world of inbound marketing. A world where you deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right time. A world where marketing is accountable, measurable, and effective.

The research is clear: per the Content Marketing Institute, “80% of business decision makers favor getting brand information via an article series more than ads.”

When it comes to attracting, converting, closing, and delighting your customers, you won’t find a complete approach than inbound marketing.

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Our Approach

Like a good GPS, we need to know where you want to go before we can guide you down the right path. We conduct thorough research to identify the best channels, audiences, content types and messaging to develop the right inbound strategy for your business.

At InCore Marketing, our integrated approach takes a wide-angle view of your business, your prospects, and your customers; delivering customized, strategic campaigns that create real value at every stage of the customer journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is inbound marketing the answer?

Typically, inbound marketing helps your business to address challenges such as:

  • Generating consistent, quality leads
  • Understanding the real cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Proving ROI across all campaign activities
  • Closing the lead-to-sales loop
  • Aligning marketing and sales
  • Reach relevant prospects
  • Help quality buyers convert, with tailored funnels throughout the buying process
  • Position your brand as industry professional and the best-fit solution for your buyers

What will inbound marketing bring to my business?

Inbound marketing can grow your business by:

  • Creates a closed-loop marketing/sales workflow for quality results throughout the funnel
  • Drive relevance in the eyes of your audience
  • Maps and tracks campaigns to specific leads & KPIs
  • Equips your team with the tools and automation to manage modern campaigns effectively
  • Develops strong best-fit buyer insight and relationships
  • Ensures your brand is active across the online channels and platforms your buyers use

How much does inbound marketing cost?

Our pricing strategy is based on value-based pricing. We believe that the most successful inbound marketing strategies are those that are driven by data and that anticipate and embrace change. We offer customised monthly service programs designed to grow with your business as your strategy evolves.

Rather than pricing inbound marketing based on unpredictable billable hours or confusing monthly plans, this model allows us to thoughtfully plan which tasks will be completed each month based on campaign goals and what is going to drive the highest ROI for our valued customers.

Learn more about our pricing strategy.

Does inbound marketing work for my company?

Our Approach is focused on ROI. In other words; we work hard for a return on your investment. Although we work with a wide range of clients, we figured out that our approach works the best if:

  • You generate 2M – 20M revenue on a yearly base.
  • Your customers have a high lifetime value.
  • You have a long and complicated sales process where customers require a lot of education before they make a buying decision.
  • You have a sales team who need more high-quality leads.
  • You aren’t looking for a ‘quick fix’ and understand that inbound and content marketing yields result over time.

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Working with InCore Marketing

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