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5 Advantages of Growth-Driven Design {Infographic}

In the marketing industry, new words, tactics, opinions, and methods are thrown at us all the time. However, the latest term really captured our attention – Growth-Driven Design – so much so, that we have completely switched our focus from traditional web design the Growth Driven Design methodology. Growth-driven design is a more advanced strategy of web design. It is based on real-time data, hard metrics, and off of the customer’s needs, wants, and habits.

GDD demonstrates how content on the site is being perceived (by viewers). Knowing what content is capturing attention – versus what is not – is essential for growth. Therefore, the web development process of GDD minimizes the risk of costly and time-consuming site re-designs.

The primary GDD focus is simple: how are your visitors and target personas interacting with your website? Are they following conversion paths you’ve mapped out? Do your CTAs (Calls-to-Action) have proper placement and messaging? The list goes on. Studying this user data and making the necessary adjustments is nothing short of detrimental to your website converting at the highest level possible.

The infographic below will let you gain a good understanding of the main advantages of growth-driven design and how it differs from traditional web design.

5 Advantages to Growth Driven Design - Infographic - InCore Marketing

Infographic Source: Spark Reaction

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